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Welcome to my online gallery, where you can browse a selection of my work produced over the last six decades.


"In my experience, making art has always been a natural process – like breathing – except on a longer time scale.
The first half of your life is spent  'inhaling' all that is relevant to your work from the world around you
in order to build up a repertoire of subjects, and learning various vocabularies which can best express them.

Then in the latter half comes the really interesting part
– where your art can begin to 'exhale' all that you have absorbed –
but now enriched by the emotions and experiences you've accumulated in the course of a lifetime.

In this, my second phase, I am casting a long look over my past history as an artist,
drawing from each period the most important aspects which can still feed my current work,
and returning to these subjects in order to perfect them.
It's a kind of Proustian 'remembrance of things past', where in memory,
the event or subject is distilled  and crystallized – stripped of everything but its essentials."

Lillian Delevoryas